Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just like exercise, blogging is just hit or miss for me.

I was so excited and determined to start blogging.
My last blog entry was in November.
It is now March.
I still even have Thanksgiving artwork surrounding my blog.
New post coming soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

He will be mine. Oh yes. He mine...

I have three top favorite artists, in the following order. I never knew that I would be lucky enough to get to see all three of them within one year. I completed my dream list with David Gray on November 2nd!

-Coldplay. (November, 2008)
-Keane. (May, 2009)
-David Gray. (November 2009)

One word to describe David: Fan-Freaking-Tastic. There is something so different about seeing your favorite musician live. Some artists I actually like BETTER because I saw them live. Live music is the best!

Because Justin was with me, I tried to keep it together and not spaz out with excess energy and emotion. Not sure how sexy I would be with lines of mascara running down my face as I sob and toss my skivvies towards the stage.  I am including photos for your enjoyment. Be glad I actually took any, seeing that security at Kingsbury is like Fort Knox. They yelled at me a few times...and as I rained blows upon them, I realized that maybe the 10 I already took would suffice.

My Justin. Don't kill me, Justin...I love this picture and it's the only one I have of you. :)

Obsessed. So, Oh, Oh-O- Oh. Obsessed.

The other day, I walked into the living room of Justin's apartment and saw him standing a mere few inches away from the screen of his television. When I say he is addicted to sports: he. is. addicted. to. sports.

My point is best described in the following photograph. One would surmise that the young pup, standing so dangerously close to the picture box, was in fact named Justin.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween: 2009


At work, with Teri as Raggedy Ann.

Me and Nate Stansfield

And the best picture of them and Justin. :)

Sturgis II: Return of Jenna

Over Labor Day, I had the rare opportunity to fly home to South Dakota by myself. That's right, folks. I went by myself. Not even with Jaclyn. What an experience to be had!

First off, I ran into my brother-in-law, Chuck, in the Denver airport. He was flying to Worland. I didnt even know you COULD fly into Worland. See! You learn something new every day.

The whole trip was amazing. I spent so much quality time with my mom (and Grandma, too!). I think we talked over every aspect of my life (poor mom). She gave me the best advice ever, which once I actually followed up of, truly blessed my life in the long run. Mom...although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, really serves a purpose. "Don't you go dying on me!" Sorry...random Dumb and Dumber moment. I love my mom so very much.

Mom and I went to Keystone, where we almost bought an alpaca rug that we don't need for $300 (But it matches the kitchen table!!!) and spent WAY too much on chocolate at a candy store that we didnt even want in the first place ("Just pretend it didnt happen."-Mom). We ate Taco Johns, watched movies together, shopped and more.

I also had a great time seeing my best friend from childhood, Tessa Brady. I won $50 in Deadwood on the Monopoly slots (which took me about 5 hours to accrue) and drank more Diet Coke than was good for me. We also had the distinct pleasure of visiting Treasure Island. A Treasure Island, indeed. I may never recover.

All jokes aside, the trip was exactly what I needed. A chance to get back to my roots and be surrounded by those who love me unconditionally. To spend some quality time with the people who I care about the most. To hike around Roughlock Falls and remember how much I love and miss the Black Hills. And to continue along the journey of finding out what i'm all about and where I want to go from here.

Can't wait to go back for Christmas. Where's the Tylenol?

Mom and Dad

Roughlock Falls

Me, Tess and Karen at The Celebrity Hotel in Deadwood

Me in Keystone

The Twinks.

If you didnt already know that I am a twin, then get off my blog right now.

To the rest of you, my family and already know that I love being a twin! Jaclyn is my best friend. So, it is fitting that I dedicate my first official blog post to her. Im glad that God didnt decide to send me to Earth alone. Probably because he knew I wouldnt do so well by myself? I know that I wouldnt be who I am today if I didnt have her to watch my back.

My mom always says that she never had to "mother" us because we always took care of each other. I know that this is a true statement. I have always had to share my identity, as half the time I am called Jaclyn's name. But I don't mind, because I got the best end of the deal. I have a built in best friend, sister, mentor and soul mate.

So, instead of spending my entire life trying to figure out who I am, I really am at peace because I know the fundamentals:

1) I am the daughter of a Heavenly King.
2) Jesus Christ is my brother and Savior, who died for me so I can return to live with him again.
3) I am Jaclyn Howell's Twin.

The rest may possibly remain a mystery forever.

So, here's to a successful 25 years of not killing each other, Jaclyn! I sure do love you.

In Rexburg, ID 2006

In SLC, July 2008

Summer 2007

Summer 2006